Will You Remember Me?

6 Oct


Note: I wrote this a few years ago and like to occasionally repost)

A fitting title for this post. This is not what I had planned for this writing but this morning I was scrolling through the posts on Twitter and I came across one posted by @SEALofHonor. Sometimes when I read a post by someone I follow and who follows me, I tend to look at pictures they have saved. This man has some awesome pictures and the words he chose to go with those pictures made them even more awesome. One in particular caught my eye. It was of a warrior perched high on a mountainside with his head turned back looking over his shoulder. The words chose by SEALofHonor to describe this picture were ‘Will you remember me? Will you remember those who risk it all?’ Those words hit home and actually made the hair stand up on my arms. Typically that happens to me when words spoken, pictures viewed, songs heard, or stories read, hit an emotional nerve.

There is always going to be war in this world. In order to have a war you have to have at least two conflicting sides. In order for the war to actually happen, you have to have participants. When the US goes to war, those participants are typically our young people. Our future leaders.  Young people returning from war typically come home in one of three ways, not affected, a flag draped coffin or they return as a ‘wounded warrior’.

For those not affected, they are the lucky ones. They return to their homes and pick up where they left  off. Families are whole again, friendships are renewed. For those who return in a flag draped coffin, they are the unlucky ones. They cannot pick up where they left off. image001Their families are not whole again, they are broken sometimes until the end of time. There will be no friendships renewed. Everyone who knew them has lost a piece of their heart and soul, never to be replaced. Then there are those who returned as ‘wounded warriors’. They are also the unlucky ones. Some return with missing limbs and some return with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and some return with TBI’s (Traumatic Brain Injuries).

I recently had the pleasure of ‘meeting’ a young man who gave 12 years of his life to this country. He was young and vibrant when he chose the military. He had his and his soul mates future planned out.  He was a platoon leader as well as a drill sergeant preparing the ‘newbies’ for what lied ahead. One day on patrol a bomb went off close to him and he was thrown back. With the impact of his landing, his head and the ground met with force. He was blinded for a few minutes but when that disappeared he got up. Despite what he just went through, all he could think about was the safety of his men. Concern for their safety came before his own. His injuries, caused from that explosion, required the military to ‘retire’ him. He is one of the many thousands who return home classified as a ‘wounded warrior’.  His wounds, PTSD/TBI. Someday, his story will be told.

Wounded warriors who return home with PTSD/TBI are becoming the ‘lost boys’ of the military. Some do not experience renewed friendships. Some do not experience a ‘whole family’ again. Some feel they no longer fit in. People do not know how to deal with their wounds. image001They have problems sleeping because when they do, they see the faces of those who came home in a flagged draped coffins. They see, hear and smell over and over what happened while they were fighting for our freedom. They often wonder why they returned home while some others did not. They have dark periods sometimes lasting from a couple of hours, to a couple of days, to a couple of months and sometimes years. Some share with those they are close to what happens during those dark times while some write and some never share. Some go so far as to take their own life thinking that it is the best for all. There is not a week that goes by that a ‘wounded warrior’ somewhere in the US commits suicide because they feel lost and forgotten, not being able to cope with what war has done too them.

If you have a Twitter account, you consistently read tweets referencing the four murdered warriors in Benghazi and the murdered Border Patrol agent killed with guns our government let pass into Mexico. While I agree that those responsible need to be tried and sent to prison, what about the deaths of our ‘wounded warriors’ who returned with PTSD/TBI. What about those ‘wounded warriors’ who do not choose to take their own lives but yet try to live and cope in a society who has forgotten them. Who is standing up for them. PTSD/TBI is an epidemic and needs to be dealt with. Our government needs to step in. They need to take care of what they caused. They can no longer hope that these young men and women just go away. Every resource and every means needs to be taken to help these ‘wounded warriors’.

Before we send our young men and women off to war, someone needs to have the BALLS to reassure them when they ask ‘Will you remember me?’.



An Analogy on Division

6 Jan

There is a group of 500 people that want to control a group of 6,000 people. How is that possible given that it is 500 against 6,000. You start out by studying the different factions of the group of 6,000. After a long study you determine that the group of 6,000 actually contains 12 groups of 500 with differences on how things should be. You pick one of those 12 groups and you spend a year gaining their trust. Once you gain their trust, you then start work on group 2. It takes a couple of years but you manage to gain their trust. Your group of 500 now numbers 1500. I am sure you catch on to what I am saying.

There is a phrase I am sure you have heard before ‘divide and conquer’. This is what is currently going on in America and it seems Americans are oblivious to that fact. If that group of 6,000 people stayed united, the group of 500 would never be victorious.

Years ago, a well known, but well hidden, global said that when it comes to politics, especially global politics, Americans are uninformed. The global went on to say that you can tell Americans pretty much anything and they will believe. They went on to say that when you have the MSM behind you, that makes pushing our agenda all that easier. Judging from what I am seeing on multiple social sites, the global knew what they were talking about.

You have the right telling you this and you have the left telling you that. Unfortunately neither side is telling you the whole truth. They tell you enough just to rile you up, just enough to pacify you. Americans are so busy with their daily lives, so wrapped up with their ‘personal devices’, that they ignore the truth.

The global I just spoke about also went on to say that if Americans think they can just vote out a politician that they don’t like, little do they know, we have people on ‘ALL’ sides.

We are in the beginning of a new year. A new president will be elected in a little over 10 months. How well do you know the politician you are endorsing? What do you ‘really’ know about them? Is what you know about them just what you read in your local paper or what you hear from your favorite cable news show or have you made your best attempt at vetting that politician yourself? Most Americans are too busy to do their own vetting. They get there information from where I just mentioned or from a neighbor or a friend or when it comes time to vote, they vote based on color, gender or the familiarity of the politicians name thinking that hey, they have been in there for many years, they must be good. I at one time thought that America had some of the brightest people in the world. I am beginning to ponder that thought. What happens in this next election is a determinant on the world you are going to leave to your children.

I implore you, in the next 10 months, VET your politician. There are so many ways you can do that. There are 3 global liberal think tanks that is a good place to start. Trilateral Commission. CFR and the Bilderbergs. Check them out, see what they are about. Check out their memberships, I think you would be surprised at who belongs. Every sitting president since the TriLats were started have been members, just not while they were in office. The same goes for the vice president. Many members of Congress are members or have ties to members. Almost every thing you come into contact with during your daily lives is represented in those three think tanks. If you think TPP, Ocare, Agenda21/Sustainable Development was born from those in DC then you have some learning to do. Go ut and do some research. Check out the past G20 conferences. HC was a keynote speaker at one of the past conferences as a huge supporter of Agenda21/Sustainable Development.

Are you concerned about the border? Do you really believe anyone in DC is going to do anything about it? John Hoeven, a Republican, helped draft the border security bill. When interviewed on a cable news network about the bill, he could not give a straight answer. He said that securing the border was part of the bill. When asked about the timeline of securing the border he said there was no specific time it had to be done but the it was part of the bill. Ask some of the people who own land along our southern border just how secure things are? The MSM will never tell you!

If the election were held today, a large portion of America would vote for HC. Some because she is a woman, the rest I have no idea. She has repeatedly lied to America and continues to lie. I myself wonder if we will ever know what really happened in Benghazi but I can assure you it is not what we are being told. If the real truth came out, many political careers would be finished. Yet people still support the woman. The lies and stonewalling about her ‘private’ email server, the disappearance of thousands of emails, the turning over of ‘highly redacted’ emails in regards to Benghazi I would think would raise many questions in your mind…yet as I said, almost half of America would still vote for the woman.

On the conservative side, Cruz is gaining a large following. What do you really know about the man? Does it concern you that his spouse works for one of those liberal elite corporations so many people show disgust for. Does it concern you that in past elections, a billionaire Bilderberger contributed lots of money to his past campaigns. Bush, he is an establishment politician tied to the globals. And the list goes on.

A question for whomever reads this. Get your mind to go back to the last presidential election. Obama versus Romney. The debates. Debate 1 and debate 2, Romney came out swinging with both fists. Debate 3 he bowed down to his opponent like a scared puppy with its tail between its legs. From that point forward, he was like someone who no longer wanted to part of the fiasco. WHY?? Had he wanted to, he could have handily defeated Obama. So WHY did he back off?? Have some balls, go do some research and see what you find. I believe with all my being that it was meant for Obama to be elected again. The plan was put in place and the plan was a success.

The African American community historically votes Democrat. Why? What have the Democrats done for them. When the Democrats has complete control of Congress and Obama had the WH, what did they do for the African American community? Millions upon millions have been showered on Chicago to improve the inner city. Does it look like anything has changed? Fact is it has got worse. Where did all that money go?

What I am getting at is that Americans are too easily snowed! It has been going on for decades and Americans are STILL buying it. Again America, you have a little more than 10 months to vet your favorite politician. I have given you some starting points. If you really love America, if you want your children to live in a free society, do your homework.

Do nothing, I assure you that the group of 500 will win in the end, hands down. They will do it right under your nose. One day you will wake up and find that it is too late, there is nothing you can do to change anything. If that day comes, welcome to the Hunger Games!


What Do People Really Know?

22 May


I ask myself this all the time. Why do I bother. My first stint on Twitter I thought it was all about getting the ‘followers’. In a short time I got quite a few. Then people did not like what I had to say. The ‘bots’ and the trolls came knocking. I finally got to the point, screw it and shut down my profile.

After a few months with no Twitter I got the urge again. Difference this time was I was not concerned about the number of followers. I was just concerned with trying to open the eyes of Americans. Again, as was my first stint on Twitter, the ‘bots’ and ‘trolls’ come knocking. When this happens, you know you are ‘pinching some nerves’. Question is whose?

You have ‘leaders’ of some pretty big groups and I assumed we were all in the same corner but I am beginning…

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What Do People Really Know?

21 May

I ask myself this all the time. Why do I bother. My first stint on Twitter I thought it was all about getting the ‘followers’. In a short time I got quite a few. Then people did not like what I had to say. The ‘bots’ and the trolls came knocking. I finally got to the point, screw it and shut down my profile.

After a few months with no Twitter I got the urge again. Difference this time was I was not concerned about the number of followers. I was just concerned with trying to open the eyes of Americans. Again, as was my first stint on Twitter, the ‘bots’ and ‘trolls’ come knocking. When this happens, you know you are ‘pinching some nerves’. Question is whose?

You have ‘leaders’ of some pretty big groups and I assumed we were all in the same corner but I am beginning to believe there is only one corner on the conservative side of this and that is ‘their’ corner. You either follow their lead or you will find your stint on ‘political’ Twitter short lived, few followers, even fewer ‘retweets’.

The real problem here in America is that it is TOO full of ‘followers’. Uninformed people following the lead of someone they do not know personally but who seems to know what they are talking about. So, they jump on their bandwagon and follow their lead.

I could make this long and tell you what I think is going on but that has never been my purpose. I felt my purpose was to pique the interest of the people to where they would go do some research and then make up their ‘own’ mind. Most have no desire or the time to go out and do research, they want someone to tell them what is going on. Problem is, when someone like me comes along with different ideas/views on what is happening, there are some who would just like it if you went away. Some have been on Twitter for years and have been telling their followers this is what is happening, this is what we need to do and the followers listen.

This is what I am going to tell you and you can do with it as you see fit. If your really care about America, you won’t discount it but you will do  little research for yourself. People over the years refer to this as ‘conspiracy theory’. The globals want you to think that and have been successful at getting you to believe it for decades. Meanwhile they have been pushing through their agenda right under your nose. All the scandals, all the stonewalling. They plain do not want you to know what they have been doing ‘behind your back’. Many years ago one of the major global players said that Americans were not too smart when it came to global politics and that you can tell them pretty much anything and they will believe and that if you have the MSM behind you, it makes it that much easier. They went on to say that with the Internet, there is a wealth of information accessible by most all and that would slow their agenda down a bit. They then went on to say that if Americans think they can just vote out of office someone they do not feel is representing the best interests of America, unknown to them, we have people on ALL sides.

I saw an article today where Bill O’Reilly made the statement about how ‘American politics’ are pretty messed up. People, what you used to consider ‘American politics’ no longer ‘really’ exists. It is now called ‘Global politics’. Most major policy passed through our Congress originated outside of the US borders and was born in one of the worlds major think tanks. Some of the more important ones, the TriLateral Commission, the CFR and the Bilderbergs. Membership is the world ‘elite’. Membership in the Trilats represent EVERY part of your daily life, from groceries, to what you drink, what you drive, what you wear…EVERYTHING. The Trilats consist of 3 pieces, the U, the North American Union and Japan. Membership to those 3 pieces increases yearly. They discuss global policy and what ‘they’ fell is good for the whole and then they all go back to their prospective countries and try to implement that policy…whether you like it or not. Nothing is to be done in one piece of the pie that will be a detriment to the other two pieces of the pie.

Agenda-21. How many of you actually know what it is? At the G20 Summit in Rio de Janeiro a few years back, Hillary C. was keynote speaker on Agenda 21/Sustainable Development. If you know nothing of it, you should. It is going on in most part of America and has been for years. Probably in your own town and you do not have a clue.

Closed borders, I see ALL the time people saying ‘contact your rep, tell them we want the boxers closed’. They will never be closed. The EU has no closed borders. The idea is it makes free trade better for all. The TPP bill they are trying to pass in Congress right now, all countries involved in the trade agreement belong or have ‘close’ ties to the Trilat Commission.

Go out and see who the originators of the Trilateral Commission were. See what their influence in global politics is. One was a foreign affairs advisor to every president since Jimmy Carter, and before. Their influence is heavy. One said years ago that they were not embarrassed at how ‘rich’ they were and that they intend on keeping every penny of it. Go out and see who the members of these think tanks are. You be surprised who in Congress belongs to the global think tanks.

People rave about FOX News. They tell you what is really going on. Hey, what they tell you is the other side of the story. NONE of them tell you the complete story. Think about it, all major MSM is owned or partially owned, by 5 or 6 elite corporations. Just think, 5 or 6 companies make the decision on what can be reported on and how far that reporting can go. They keep you busy while while the globals continue to advance their agenda….under all your noses.

Look at what they are doing, and have been doing for decades, to our veterans. They entice them to go and fight what battles ‘they’ choose and them cast them aside when they come home broken. The used them to advance their own agenda. But they will bend over and kiss the backsides of the illegals…why? Voter base! They will diss their own citizens just to increase their voter base. The attacks on Christianity, the race baiting pitting the black community and the police, the constant push to disarm all citizens…except themselves. They have even gone so far recently to have the VA forward the health records of or veterans to the FBI solely to try and disarm that part of the population…a part that would not stand with them if push came to shove.

All the yelling and screaming you see on Twitter, a waste, as nothing will be done. They have sold our souls for the betterment of themselves, period and the people continue to buy their BS. One of the elite globals once said that you do it one little step at a time and before you know it, the people open their eyes and it is too late, nothing they can do about it.

The GOP Rhinos in Congress, all the 2016 contenders, go do a little research on them. See who their ties are with, see where they get their money. If you bothered to do that, I think you would say ‘holy shit’.

I could go on and on but why? Most write you off as one of those ‘conspiracy theorists’..and hey, ‘they’ want you to continue to believe that. Someone wrote in to FOX News in the morning some time ago and brought up some of this same stuff I am writing about. One of the hosts, who is still there, basically called the guy a loon.

So people, you can do what you want with what I have said or you can choose to think I am a nut or you can listen to your leader when they tell you I am a nut. If in the end, I got one person to quit bend a follower and go out an figure this out for themselves, then my job is done. They say it only ties one to save a village. I will press on and continue to fight the ‘bots’ and the trolls sent my way trying to silence me in the hopes that I can convince some to go find out for themselves and to quit listening to others. Become a leader, quit being a follower. BECOME INFORMED!!

I will end with this…when the day comes that the gates officially open for the ‘New Hunger Games’…don’t looked stunned!

The Voice – Joshua Davis, India Carney, Sawyer Fredericks, Meghan Linsey and Koryn Hawthorne

12 May

Last night was the most amazing night of music. I have watched The Voice since the beginning. I have watched American Idol since the beginning. Never in all the seasons of both shows has there been 5 successive songs like the 5 of you performed in your last set that have been so incredibly awesome! Mucho kudos to the coaches and the incredibly talented advisors you brought in! The guidance you have given these 5 young people is awesome. Mucho kudos to The Voice for finding these 5 young people! Those who love music cannot thank you enough.

Joshua Davis, there has been a void in the music world, at least mine. Not quite sure where and when the void occurred but when I listened to you sing, whatever it was that was missing seems to be missing no longer. PLEASE, being crowned the winner or not, never stop what you do. The music world needs you!

Meghan Linsey, you made George Jones downright proud last night. My guess there are a quite a few producers that passed you over but after listening to you last night, my guess is they are slapping themselves up against the side of their heads saying, ‘How stupid was I’. You are awesome! I still say, you and Clark Beckham need to do a duet. A chart topper it would be!

India Carney and Koryn Hawthorne, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost were talking last night. God stated that there seemed to be so much strife afflicting the world and how sad it was. Jesus spoke up and said, ‘Dad, do you hear it. The angels are singing. God replied, ‘No my son, that is India Carney and Koryn Hawthorne. Is it not angelic? So beautiful. There is still good in the world!!’.

Sawyer Fredericks, what can be said about you that has not been said. You are special. There has NEVER been anyone like you before, there is no one like you today and my guess there will be no one like you probably ever. For such a young man you possesses characteristics most singers strive for but never attain. When you sang ‘1000 Years’ last night I was alone and I closed my eyes and listened. You took me to a place, not sure where that place was, but it was not of this world. You got the hair to stand up on my arms and before you finished, as much as I hate to admit it, a tear slid down the side of my face. I had to listen to you sing that again, same results. You have a way of drawing people in, taking them to a place where there is peace. As I said, you are special.

God gave you all a gift. I have said before that I believe music makes the world go ‘round. Last night you five stopped the world for a moment. You brought a smile, from ear to ear, to the faces of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. You brought happiness and peace to the world, if only for a brief moment. You are ALL special.

In my mind, there is no clear winner. You all have something different to offer the world of music. It is not like there are five country western singers where one would shine above the rest. You all shine in what you do.

I have to say, I purchased all of your music from last night. BUT I did not vote. I cannot. My vote is that we create four parallel universes and coupled with the one we live in would give us five. A version of the show could be played out in each universe with a different result. You would each be crowned the Voice winner. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know, like with the Highlander, there can only be one! Not being crowned the Voice winner does not mean you are not a winner. I my eyes and hopefully the eyes of all the world/universe, you are WINNERS! Thank you for letting me in to your world. I will be following you all when the show is finished. Appreciating music like I do, I would be a fool if I did not.

The best to you all!


The Voice versus American Idol

10 May

For me, up until this season, which was best was a no-brainer. This season I feel different. Both have produced some awesome performers. o this day I still do not like the beginning of AI where the judges choose who will move forward and who will not. While there are some contestants that have to know they cannot carry a tune for nothing, those I believe are there only for their 60+ seconds of fame. Unfortunately, there are some who have been told that they are great singers but in reality, they should choose another career to pursue. These I truly feel sorry for because some are point blank ridiculed and actually laughed at. That part of the show I do not like. I have always wondered why that is still displayed on national TV. I believe that the ratings for AI would increase if they ceased displaying for all to see those that just did not, and never will, make music a career. I do like that they brought in an awesome producer and some awesome entertainers to help the finalists.

For those that are in the finale, I have my favorites. Not that the rest are not that good as I believe that if all play their cards right, everyone of you has a shot at being remembered for your music many years down the road.

When you think about it, literally, music makes the ‘world go round’. Music is not just words sung. I am sure most have you have taken a walk, alone, on a quiet nature trail. You can stop and just listen. The silence is music. The leaves rustling in the trees as the breeze flows through. The birds chirping, the occasional sound of a dog barking in the distance, just the sound of the breeze, this is music. It all draws you in to the experience as you trek down the trail. You have to admit, the experience leaves you felling good, leaves you feeling alive. Your journey down that trail takes you to a place away from all that is wrong in the world and in your life. You take this journey down that trail for that reason. You return many times because you know that no matter what, that journey down that trail takes you to a place that leaves you feeling good, leaves you refreshed, leaves you with a feeling different than before your trek started. And so goes your music.

You play the piano, the guitar, the fiddle or whatever instrument you choose, for a personal reason. The words you choose to add in are usually for a personal reason. You sit down in a room by yourself and hone your skill. Why? Because it makes you feel good. No matter why is going on in your life, you can do one of these sessions and come out of it renewed. From this point forward, if you want to be remembered 20 years down the road, you have to do the same thing for the throngs of fans you hope to have follow you.

Some of the things the judges and coaches have said this year hit it right on the nose. Hearing Jennifer Lopez say more then once, ‘Find that place’, to hear Christina Aguilera say ‘that was awesome, you drew me in, you made me feel what you were feeling’. That is what is going to make you remembered 20 years from now. Good singers come and good singers go. People are always wondering what happened to them. The words of Jennifer, the words of Christina, that is what happened to them. They could not find that place within themselves that made them feel good and at the same time, make their fans feel good. The never learned how to draw in to the world that they themselves were existing at that moment in time.

My personal music tastes are broad. All the way from ‘certain’ opera, to classical, to country, to rock, to alternative rock/pop. One genre I could never get was rap. Not sure why, it just did not seem like music to me.

This week, winners will be chosen on both shows. With those heading in to the finals, win or lose, you are all winners. At this point, it is just a popularity contest. Who can please the fans the most. This is like your high school or college final. With school, how you do in your finals sometimes plays a part in which path you choose in life. These last songs you perform will decide who is the last musician standing on the stage. I believe it was Nick Fradiani that Jennifer said to after one of his recent awesome performances, ‘that was awesome, that is what you need to do every time you step on the stage’. No truer words have been spoken about your job when you perform. While it is of great importance, it is no longer just about what makes you feel good. What you do HAS to make feel good those you are performing for. As Jennifer said, you have to find that place within you that pleases you and also pleases your fans. You have to find that way to draw in your fans to that place you go when you play your music. You have to that way to make them feel what you feel. When I said that good singers come and some good singers go, those that disappear like a ship on the horizon are the ones that could never find that place. No matter how good they sounded, they could never find that way to draw people to that special place they go when they play their instrument and sing those words that mean something special to themselves.

I went to a leadership conference this past week. One of the speakers talked about fear and how one handles fear is one of the deciding factors on what kind of leader one might become. This speaker knew personally Luciano Pavarotti. He asked him one day if he was nervous or ever had fear before a performance. Luciano replied, ‘Always, until those first words are sung’. This, coming from the worlds most awesome tenor. If you feel nerves or fear when you step out on that stage, hey, you are in awesome company.

I watched a Tina Turner concert on a public sponsored TV channel years ago. I believe it was in Germany but the place does no matter. From the stage as far as you could see with the naked eye, was a sea of people. They all had their arms raised high in the air and were jumping in unison chanting her name. What an awesome sight. The idea that ‘thousands’ of people were at that place at that certain place in time, just to be witness to someone as awesome as Tina Turner, someone who went through what she went through to become the success that she rightfully was, has to be one of life’s ‘ultimate highs’. I watch a similar concert put on by U2 someplace over in Europe. The experience was the same. Tina Turner and Bono, they were able to find that place. They found that way to draw the people/fans to the world that they were experiencing at that moment in time.

There was a duet performed by Elton John and Luciano Pavarotti called ‘Live like Horses’. Sometime when you are alone, put on the head phones and listen. I mean really listen. Hear the words, feel the words. If you get out of the song what I do, it will make the hair stand up on your arms. It will give you the chills. They ‘found that place’!

My nephew is in to hockey as you are in music. One of his buds was also part of the hockey scene but never seemed to be at the level as some of the rest. He had to work harder and sometimes the results did not change. I asked him one day, ‘how bad do you want it’? If you want it that bad, then you have to work harder. Harder than the rest.  At practice, you have to be first on the ice and last off the ice. Some just have to work harder to get to that place’. I told him that sometime when he was sitting by himself, to close his eyes and picture the start of the game when they are introducing the players. Picture yourself skating onto the ice and everyone is chanting Duece, Duece, Duece as they slammed their hands onto the glass. Picture yourself scoring a goal and everyone chants Duece, Duece, Duece. Capture that feeling. Every time you step on the ice, remember that feeling and constantly strive for it. So, I say to you finalists, before you perform your final song, sit alone for a minute. Close your eyes, picture yourself walking out on to that stage, seeing people as far as your eye can see. Hear them chant your name, hear the roar as you break in to your first song. How bad do you want to experience that feeling. Take that feeling out on the stage with you as the season for AI and the Voice come to a close. Make us feel what you are feeling!

As I said, at this point, win or lose, there are no losers. It is a contest and a contest has to end with one ‘winner’. You are all winners! Whether you are remembered 20 nears down the road, all depends on what you felt when you closed your eyes and imagined what I spoke of. It all depends on whether you can find that place. That place like the nature trail. The place that left you feeling good. That place that leaves the people who follow your music experiencing the same thing that you are experiencing. If you can find that, you can change the world with your music.

One last thing, Clark Beckham of AI and Meghan Linsey of the Voice, you need to do a duet. My guess is it would chart at the top! Sawyer Fredericks, your music reminds me of a cross between John Denver and Arlo Guthrie. You are special. The music world needs you. You are my choice to win the Voice. Nick Fradiani, you are my choice to win AI.

I like ALL of your styles of music and will follow you ALL on your journey.

The best to you all!!

There Are Good Things In the World

17 Dec

When you look at today’s world what do you see? War, starvation, strife among the classes, governments doing their best to totally control those they govern, hackers doing their best to make your life miserable, people wanting something for nothing, and the list goes on and on. If you follow the news you never know if what you are reading is really true or not. Politicians who will lie, cheat and steal to remain in power. It is all rather numbing. You start asking yourself ‘Is there anything good in the world’? One thing that comes to my mind is music.

To me, music makes the world go round. It comes in many forms. Music is not just words spoken, the strum of a guitar, the banging of drums, the sound heard when your fingers touch the ivory keys of an organ or piano. It can be the sound of the wind as it blows though the trees, the sound of raindrops as they fall upon a window, the sound of four paws belonging to your four legged BFF as he or she runs across the wooden floor, the sound of the buoy bell anchored a short distance from shore, the sound of the creek as it flows to a destination, the sound of the wind chimes as they give in to the breeze, the sound of a six month old baby laughing or giggling, the sound of the motorcycle pipes as the driver cranks the gas. Music is different strokes for different people.

The music most that relates to people is the words sung, the guitars strummed, the drums banged, the ivories pressed on the well tuned piano. We have been blessed with people who excel in this form of music. Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Bono, the Eagles, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Elvis, Diana Ross, Santana, Carly Simon, James Taylor, Hank Williams, Al Green, the Temptations, Eric Clapton, Queen, Pink Floyd, Elton John, Simon and Garfunkel, the Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Roy Orbison, Michael Jackson, Neil Young, Smokey Robinson, Johnny Cash, Luciano Pavarotti, Dean Martin, Jerry Lee Lewis, Otis Redding, Bo Diddley, Marvin Gaye, Led Zeppelin, Buddy Holly, the Beach Boys, Bob Marley, Ray Charles, Little Richard, James Brown, Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan, Whitney Houston, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, Adam Levine of Maroon 5, Patsy Cline, Buddy Holly, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson, Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, Buck Owens, Charlie Pride, George Strait, Garth Brooks, Oak Ridge Boys, Kenny Rogers, Shania Twain, Vince Gill, John Denver, Keith Urban. There are so many more music greats who have brought joy to millions of people. Some continue to bring that joy. Some like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain and many others have brought sadness to millions when their lives were cut short.

Music tastes are sometimes broad and sometimes quite minuscule. You have passionate artists who stay with and promote one genre their whole career. You have artists that jump from one genre to another when their star fades. You have the one hit wonders that possess the passion but only had their one day in the sun. There are those that never get their day in the sun even though they possessed the passion and had the talent. The important stars of music are those with passion for their trade. Those that take pride in the fact that what they do brings joy to millions. The important stars are the ones so good at what they do that they draw you in to a world you wish you could spend an eternity in. Those, that when you hear them, raises the hair on your arms and brings tears to your eyes. Those are sometimes so far and few between.

In order for music to survive, there has to be those to take the place of the stars that begin to fade. Sometimes when those stars fade, there is nobody waiting in the wings to step up and take their place. Sometimes music has to wait for that new star to step out of the shadows. Hows does that new star find their way out of the shadows? It all started with American Idol in June of 2002. AI produced stars such asCarrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Scotty McCreery, Phillip Phillips, and Kellie Pickler, to name a few. Would-be hopefuls auditioned before judges who were stars already successful in their careers that took time out from their busy schedules in the hope to find that one diamond in the rough. Then in April 2011 a new show was born. The Voice. This show was different. There were four judges as was on the Idol show. The difference was, during the audition, they were turned around so they could not see who was auditioning. Choosing who would stay and who would go was based solely on the singers voice. Approval was based on one of the chairs to turn around. Another difference was that on the Voice, those in the chairs were coaches while on Idol they were judges. There is a difference.

People that love music were excited. The make-up of the show had music stars Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, CeeLo Green and Christina Aguilera as the four coaches, all stars in their separate genres. The coaches chose those for their team who they thought had the passion and talent to be musics next great star. They brought in other music greats to help coach the chosen members of their team. The show is now coming to the end of it’s 7th season. Two coaches, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, have been constants on the show since its inception. Other coaches have been Usher and Shakira with this season seeing Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani. These people are incredibly awesome with what they do for these hopefuls. They all have a passion for music and they want that passion to continue. The key word here is passion. These stars have no egos. They are there solely for the purpose of keeping music alive.

You would think with the coaching stardom that the show would have produced multiple super stars in its seven seasons. While the show has discovered many talented, passionate individuals, it has yet to produce a super star. Tonight, the winner of Season 7 will be announced. Tonight Matt McAndrew, Craig Wayne Boyd, Damien Lawson or Chris Jamison will be named the winner of season 7 of the Voice. All four are good within their own right. So, what makes a super star? A super star grabs your attention, draws you into their world where you get lost. A super star gets the hair to stand up on your arms and often brings tears to your eyes when they sing. They have your soul for a short few minutes that leaves you wanting more.

Tonight, at the end of season 7 of the Voice, a super star will step out of the shadows. I have not yet seen the show and am staying away from anything that might spoil what I believe the outcome will be. It is my thought that when the winner steps out of the shadows tonight, that winner and music’s first superstar in a long while will be Matt McAndrew. Music has waited patiently for someone with the talent of this young man. There are no words to describe what he did Monday night. Being of the male persuasion I seldom admit when music raises the hair on my arms or brings tears to my eyes. There is no explanation for it, it just happens. To experience the moment fully you cannot fight the feeling, you have to let it happen. That is a WOW experience. There are not many out there that are capable of giving you that WOW experience. The ones who have that capability, those are the super stars. Matt McAndrew is one of those super stars. He gives you the full experience. He fully draws you into his world, into his moment. You absolutely get lost. If you truly have a love for music, this young man and the talent the possesses, leaves you wanting more. He is the full package. Not only is he an incredible singer, he has a humbleness that should be mirrored by many of todays popular music talents.

Don’t get me wrong as I do not want to take anything away from the other 3 finalists as they are also awesome. I will follow and buy all of their music as well as some who did not make the final show such as John Taylor Williams. He, as well as many from this seasons show, will have their day in the sun. But Matt McAndrew, he stands out in the crowd. As I stated before, music has been patiently waiting for its next super star. While the wait has been long, the wait has been worth it. A super star has stepped out of the shadows. That super star is Matt McAndrew. I can’t be wrong…can I?

Music is all around us, you just have to listen. Peace.

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